Project Description

AlZnSi Alloy / Galvalume


Galvalume alloy consists of approximately 55% Al, 43% Zn and 1.5% Si

Zinc plating is a widely used metallic coating for corrosion protection of steel, providing a very good combination of galvanic and barrier protection. However, in order to achieve a longer product life, an alloy known commercially as Galvalume alloy (AlZnSi alloy) has been developed, which is used for coating steel, just like Zinc.

This steel coating product offers a better physical barrier than standard galvanized coatings and offers better corrosion resistance in most environments, including temperatures up to 750 degrees F.

Far superior to galvanized, almost equal to the properties of aluminum-clad steel. No discoloration or oxidation for durable use at 315°C.
Three to six times better corrosion resistance than zinc plated (Galvanized) steel with the same coating thickness
Unlike galvanized steel, which requires ventilation or pre-treatment, it can be painted without pre-treatment or ventilation when used for signage or general purposes, thanks to its superior adhesion between the coated layer and the paint.

Galvalume Chemical Analysis

Analysis  ( %) Galvalume /AlZnSi
Al 55 – 58
Zn 41 – 43
Si 1.5 – 2
Fe ≤0.25
Cu ≤0.03
Cd ≤0.05
Pb ≤0.01
Sn ≤0.05
Ni ≤0.05