Technigalva Light

Project Description


Technigalva Light

Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

The Technigalva process is a batch hot-dip galvanizing process developed over the past ten years that uses nickel additions for better control of coating structure, especially when galvanizing “reactive” steels containing around 0.1 wt.% Si.

Optimization of the process relies on understanding of the role of nickel in the galvanizing reaction and formation of dross. Increasing demand for more environmentally friendly galvanizing processes has helped to lead to development work in batch hot-dip galvanizing on chromatefree passivation, alternative fluxes for using Zn-Al alloys, and process optimization.

Zinc-Nickel alloy suitable for hot dip galvanising of iron and steel products

Technigalva Light Chemical Analysis

Analysis  ( %) Technigalva Light /ZnNi0.15%
Ni 0.12 – 0.18
Pb ≤0.005
Cd ≤0.003
Fe ≤0.005
Sn ≤0.005
Cu ≤0.001
Al ≤0.005
Zn Balance