Project Description

Mil-Spec Zinc Alloy A-18001K / MIL-A-18001K


The MIL-A-18001K specification is the result of research on corrosion

MIL-A-18001K specification covers the requirements for zinc anodes (galvanic protectors) in the form of plates, slabs, discs and rods for corrosion protection (cathodic protection) of metals and alloys. It also includes features of anode design and fabrication such as cast-in cores for mounting purposes.

MIL-A-18001K also includes anode design and fabrication features such as cast cores for assembly purposes.

It is extremely difficult to use and has poor mold-filling properties that can be offset by simplifying the casting design.

Typical uses of Mil-Spec zinc in seawater or salt mud:

Hulls of ships, barges, boats and tugs
Ballast tanks of tankers, ore carriers and freighters
Bulkheads, Piers and Pilings, Pipelines, Heat Exchangers

MIL-A-18001K Chemical Analysis

Analysis  ( %) MIL-A-18001K
Al 0.1 – 0.5
Cu ≤0.005
Pb ≤0.006
Fe ≤0.005
Cd 0.025 – 0.07