Zinc Bismuth Alloy

Project Description

ZnBi2% Alloy

Zinc Bismuth Alloy

Zinc Galvanizing Alloys

Results of laboratory-scale testing showed that additions of bismuth to pure zinc provided equal drainage compared to conventional lead-containing zinc, while additions of combined bismuth and lead to pure zinc provided significant improvements in drainage.

Plant using Zn/Bi alloy reports performance equivalent to conventional lead-containing zinc, while plants using Zn/Bi/Pb alloy report reduced zinc consumption, especially in complex parts

Suitable for hot dip galvanizing of iron and steel products

Zinc Bismuth Alloy Chemical Analysis

Analysis  ( %) Zinc Bismuth Alloy /ZnBi2%
Bi 1.7 – 2.3
Pb ≤0.02
Cd ≤0.003
Fe ≤0.005
Sn ≤0.005
Cu ≤0.001
Al ≤0.005
Zn Balance